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In addition to facilitation, Michele Jackman’s projects have included meeting management courses, project management courses, motivational seminars, company revitalization programs, conference keynotes, endnotes to hundreds of groups, with many repeat and annual engagements. Over 1000 city, county, state, and federal organizations have benefited and utilized Michele's services or training. She has worked with social service departments, environmental planning, finance, economic development departments, customer service programs (including 911), as well as with planning, public works, police and fire organizations. She teaches workplace ethics, and prevention of harassment courses.

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Our rates depend on location, the number of participants, and the development of tailored materials.

Affordable "Off the Shelf" programs are also available for immediate staff utilization.

A project rate will be offered for all programs that include multiple days and different service components, as well as necessary follow-up at no additional charge.

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