New Courses and Presentations

June 5 Norfolk, VA Gaining Greater Emotional Intelligence
June 25 Claremont, CA California Girls State 75th Session
July 19 Seattle, WA Conflict Resolution
August 23-24 Norfolk, VA Training, Coaching, and Mentoring Others

Current Courses | 2019:

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  • Conflict Resolution: Timesaving Strategies and Practices
  • Preventing Unnecessary Failure or Error: Risk Analysis and Management
  • Boosting Emotional Resilience and the Appropriate Use Humor
  • The Pressure of Leadership: Eight Team/ Project Leadership Practices
  • Motivating, Coaching, and Mentoring for Higher Performance
  • Gameplan: Managing Transitions and Major Change

The list of events may change daily so please contact or call 805.964.5668 to confirm availability. There is often a waiting list for dates, as well, due to frequent needs to reschedule with some organizations. Our policy is to hold dates pending approval for an agreed upon time and a future review. If you see a topic you like, ask us about in-house programs. Contact us for more information about desired dates, costs and location.