Woe 101: Bad Management Practices (i.e. Toxic Behaviors)

According to research, bullies are managers and both men and women exhibit bullying behavior.

Place a checkmark in front of the toxic behaviors you have witnessed in your workplace environment. Be honest and if you are a manager CHECK yourself!

Has to be right!


Reworks / Rewrites work of others (over edits memos, emails, etc.)

Blames others when things go wrong

Is impatient with information s/he doesn't want to hear

Is risk adverse fearing taking right action

Takes credit for the work of others

Takes personal stress out on others (yelling, screaming)

Is dishonest and unethical

Cannot be trusted with personal or confidential information

Is biased or prejudiced toward others due to uncontrollable traits (age, race, disability, pregnancy, etc.)

Uses inappropriate or hostile humor in front of staff or strangers

Is not flexible when s/he needs to be

Is the "gossip"!

Is disorganized and forgetful about commitments made

Is defensive when given feedback that is necessary

Seeks personal approval -- insecure

Exhibits odd behavior in public or meetings

Only looks out for Number One

Interrupts, is a poor listener

Puts others down, ridicules others

Does not follow through on commitments (poor team skills)

Procrastinates and delays action

Is incompetent making many mistakes

Is inaccessible or missing in action when needed

Results:  No toxic behaviors observed.

Selection of more that 5 of these behaviors exposes the organization to unacceptable risks.