Great Service Checklist

Telephone Techniques and Summary of Rules for Great Customer Service

Are you providing the best service possible? Select the boxes for those areas you are already meeting or exceeding.

Listen attentively, and care about the customer's concerns.

Detect and define specific problems from their comments or problem statements.

Know the resources you have to meet their specific needs.

Stay focused on the problem and not on their attitude, if it is poor.

Ask the "right questions" to understand what they are looking for.  Look beyond what they are saying and probe for more information.

Help them define what they need if they appear confused about jargon or next steps.

Approach each customer as a fresh problem; don't let another customer contaminate your view.

Exhibit a "glad you asked" attitude.

Search for "blue rule" options if those seem appropriate to the situation.

Take responsibility for the next steps even if you are going to refer it to someone else.

Give only the information you are sure about and get their name and number so you can get them the rest of the information.

See the service opportunity as a "training" and an "educational" opportunity to show your "personal best".

Prioritize your actions based upon the customer's need.

Model patience and concern and "don't lose your temper."

Support peers and other suppliers of information when they are having difficulties with customers, and accept help if it is YOU having trouble controlling the communication.

Let them vent and get things off their chest before reacting or trying to "fix" things.

Take a look at the boxes without a check. How can you change what you are doing now so that you can meet or exceed those areas needing adjustment?