Best Practices for Managers

Measures of overall Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Value

Rate yourself in the following areas using these criteria:

Little You have little experience, limited training.
Some You know skills, but don't always practice them.
Skilled You use strategies because it makes sense to do this.
Expert You are exceptional.

General Skills:

1.  Technical-functional skills:  Understands overall operations, roles, tools used, reports requirements and procedures of the company, industry, or current endeavor.

2.  Managerial skills:  has good HR skills for organizing work, prioritizing, scheduling, tracking workflow, and analyzing overall performance.

3.  Interpersonal skills:  skills essential in working with others in positive productive ways.

Practice Skills:

Practice #1 - Goal setting and getting results from others.

Practice #2 - Clear and effective formal two-way communication skills (oral, writing, electronic).

Practice #3 - Facilitative Leadership (makes problem solving easier, or more effective.

Practice #4 - Runs meetings efficiently or participates well in meetings.

Practice #5 - Gives and Receives Feedback well.

Practice #6 - Promoting Teamwork and Team Accountability (follow through).

Practice #7 - Control of Time and Key Details (monitoring workflow).

Practice #8 - Prioritization of competing priorities and requirements.

Practice #9 - Motivating others using different methods (links to interpersonal skill sets).

Practice #10 - Cheerfulness and Support:  Appropriate humor.

Practice #11 - Integrating efforts on complex projects (cross organizational skills).

Practice #12 - Resolving conflicts quickly.

Practice #13 - Building Trust and maintaining commitments.

Practice #14 - Mentoring Others (Succession Planning).

Practice #15 - Working with outside entities or partners well.

Practice #16 - Making intelligent decisions using the proper strategy.

Practice #17 - Controlling emotional reactivity to events.

After you have taken this assessment, discuss your development with your manager.