Levels of Customer Service

View complaints as opportunities to demonstrate service.

Where are you now?

Scoring:  0=Rarely, 1=Sometimes, 2=Often, 3=Almost Always

Answer and score these 12 questions:

1.  When conversing with a customer, I give them my complete attention.  I am not distracted or doing multiple things.

2.  I make "eye contact" when meeting with a customer, and I use good positive voice tone with phone contacts.

3.  I convey immediate interest in their problem or issue, follow up completely, and track my actions for later reference.

4.  I return voicemail, email, and requests for information right away, or within the same day.

5.  When I have to put a customer on hold on the phone or when I have to do research, I inform customer of what I am doing and get their permission.

6.  I avoid overly technical explanations when conveying information or answers.

7. I apologize when a mistake has been made, and offer to remedy the matter quickly.

8.  When a customer is upset, I remain calm and focused in the conversation, acknowledge their frustration, and stay in control.

9.  If I do not have the answer, I tell them when I will call them back and do.

10.  If I transfer a customer, I make sure they got through, or give them my name and number.

11.  I close the service by asking how satisfied they were (e.g. "Did you get all your questions answered?  Is there anything else you need?").

12.  I maintain my "emotional intelligence" and do not get overly emotional when attacked, frustrated, or disappointed.

Total:  0 Bronze  (36 points possible)

Your Score and Level:

Platinum Club:  36 points
Gold:  30 to 35 points, great!
Silver:  18 to 27 points, you could tarnish your interests.
Bronze:  less than 18 points, whoops!  Wrong job?

Which ones do you need to work on?