Formula for a High Performance Team

References to team members include customers, suppliers, and producers of any aspect of work; or refer to those consulted, informed, or above you.

The Ratio WHOOPEE! / WOE = "HOPE-ful courses of Action"

Whoopee! = Capability X Motivation X Probability of Success
(Woe is what you discover when you assess the team)

Capability Section

Capability = Skills, expertise, experience, and knowledge of history.  Capability is increased by key players having:  (allocate 0-2 points)

1.1 - Adequate authority to act/decide things

1.2 - Access to needed information

1.3 - Tools and Resources (infrastructure support)

1.4 - Skills at Level 3 competency or higher (Skills/Training)

1.5 - Accountability of others (Support/Dependable)

TOTAL = 0  (10 points possible)

Motivation Section

Are you providing adequate "motivators" for the styles of assigned members?  (Prevent individual Woes) (allocate 0-2 points)

2.1 - You have defined the mission, vision, and desired outcomes ("Want"/"Not Want" lists)

2.2 - You have agreed upon the "rules of the road" in all colors (red, yellow, green lights are known).

2.3 - You have designed and defined a "road map" and visual tools to get to outcomes (schedules, flows, budgets).

2.4 - You have defined teaming roles (Approvals, Consults, Inform lists, and have integrated this with timelines to ensure accountability of others, including management support).

2.5 - You have defined the personal benefits and rewards for accomplishing this project.

TOTAL = 0  (10 points possible)

Probability of Success Section

Probability of Success Factors (allocate 0-10 points)

3.1 - This is a high visibility project.

3.2 - There is one clear leader assigned at each phase or component (one leader scores 10, two leaders score 5, three or more leaders score 0).

3.3 - Project goals are tied to Priorities or Business plan objectives (no linkage scores 0).

3.4 - The Tasks Lists (W.B.S.) are complete at the 80% known task level (work breakdown details).

3.5 - Rewards for key player and key contributors are known by all and announced for equity and credit taking reasons.

3.6 - There are only non-destructive, normal conflicts.

3.7 - Team Members have less than three major projects.

3.8 - The risk factors are constantly being identified, and reviewed.  "Margin of error" issues are addressed with planned back-up strategies.

3.9 - Countdown, launch, and tracking activities have been spelled out and published for all players at each phase.

3.10 - The style of play is "teaming and collaboration" rather than "turf and competition."

Bonus Points: (5 points each)

3.11 - There is groupware in place which everyone on the team can access, such as project websites for tracking.

3.12 - People are trained in "stress and humor skills" to cope with crisis and "political" turmoil.

TOTAL = 0  (10 points possible)

To score your responses in this section, the total point value is divided by 10 and rounded to the nearest integer.


Probability of Success
0 X 0 X 0 = 0
10 points possible   10 points possible   10 points possible   1,000 points possible