Public Sector Courses

Our catalog contains courses tailored for governmental, public benefit entities and attendees, where the motives and performance constraints are often very different from corporate for-profit entities.

Therefore, these programs focus on concepts that are relevant, exercises that provide fresh insights and options, and tools that can be used immediately without further permission, along with sheer, re-inspired will and confidence they will work!

These offerings have been tested and tailored for governmental and publicly funded entities, as their scenarios must involve complex bureaucracy, their financial pressures and budgeting options are different. Understaffing is the norm in many cases making the Mission/Vision less likely to succeed, except as a partial fulfillment of vision and values. Therefore, our focus is on real-world examples, and discussions, as well as simulations in delivering these courses.

In the Power of Ethical Management Blanchard and Peale narrowed the current values down to 5 which fit in both government and corporate arenas and with our WOW5 model:

  1. PASSION or clear purpose
  2. PRIDE in one’s work or Quality 100% of the time
  3. PROFESSIONALISM in actions and conduct
  4. PERSISTENCE and stick-to-it ness
  5. PATIENCE with one another, and resilience in the face of struggles.

These are also the pillars of performance in any setting. As a focus, these core values define the Civil Servant, and Servant Leaders who manage complex goals, policy, processes, often in an environment of dysfunctional politics, with win-lose dynamics, working against them.

Inspiring examples of good humor and putting intelligent strategies to work are always are a key ingredient in all our courses.

Current professional level programs and theme that fit and are in demand are:

Note: All general catalog courses can be adapted to governmental audiences and materials, tools well integrated with processes in use.

Catalog of Courses