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Effective Communications Refresher: Using All Channels Effectively and Preventing Overloads

Examines the current overloads caused by social media, traditional communication channels, and the increased need to deal with these five critical aspects of communication and confront head on the realities of “virtual teaming” in complex roles across organizations:

  • Coordination: Missing coordination protocols or lack of accountability—Getting things done without thinking actively about helping others succeed as well.
  • Compliance:   Poor alignment of information flow and follow through—missing timelines on projects or inadequate reporting that increases the stress and pressure levels of competent people who want to perform well, and are your best performers. Not getting right things done right.
  • Cooperation:  Getting along, helping along--Treating requests as “red lights” (stopping the flow or delaying because of items listed above, and not providing “green” light processes, tips, and strategies for greater efficiency.
  • Collaboration: Not using the skills, strengths, nor experience of others who know how to do all of the above, and desire to assist. Feeling unappreciated, and ignored creates the Lack of acknowledgement leads to “elephants in the room” habits when meeting which is agreement not to discuss real issues or barriers.
  • Celebrations, metrics, and teambuilding communication documenting accomplishments, progress, and better controls in performance, morale, and motivation as good communication gets better and better. 

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