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Current Courses

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  • Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate More Effectively
  • Conflict Resolution: Timesaving Strategies and Practices
  • Preventing Unnecessary Failure or Error: Risk Analysis and Management
  • Boosting Emotional Resilience and the Appropriate Use Humor
  • The Pressure of Leadership: Eight Team/ Project Leadership Practices
  • Motivating, Coaching, and Mentoring for Higher Performance
  • Gameplan: Managing Transitions and Major Change

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General Courses

Refresh your career and guide your organization with these “remastered” and exciting new programs and approaches designed to assist you in your own strategic goals for the years ahead. Choose offerings, mix topics, or create programs with our assistance.

There are FIVE sets of courses | 1st link for course description | 2nd link for details


WOW5 Solutions for Teaming Up and Collaborating
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Think Again! Focused on Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Strategic Innovation
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Sustaining Environments for Success: Communications, Teamwork, Healthy Cultures
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Workplace Development Series: Remain a Key Player
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Train the Trainer: Transfer of Knowledge and Experience
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Course Descriptions

Solutions for Teaming and Collaboration

The Overview Program and Specific Topical Themes

Schedule the Overview Course of 1-3 hours to excite your staff about
specific tools and strategies for each of the WOW5, in-depth training courses.

Our Secret of Success:
Courses are designed in Five Areas of Intention, common to all audiences, styles, or issues faced and is called the WOW 5 solution, incorporating what all organizations’ individuals seek in one dimension or all.

Schedule this one-day series alongside other programs you offer
to establish application of learning.

  • Getting it Done: With less waste of time, energy, and resources
  • Getting it Right: Right from the start, with standards, accuracy, and agreements
  • Get Along Well: Leveraging diversity, talent, styles, goals and increasing collaborative behaviors
  • Get Acknowledged!: Building and maintaining mutual trust and respect with a highly motivated, talented, professional, and appreciated workforce.
  • Get a Life, too!: Promote overall life balance, resilience and “bounce” from unanticipated crises with fresh game plans

Become a Certified WOW5 Trainer

Fix the Thinking that Causes Most Problems

Three areas are covered in this area:
Critical Thinking, Innovation, and Change Management

Strategies are covered for leaders and staff.

Think Again! courses examine new mental shifts and models for higher performance at the individual level, virtual teaming level, and at the organizational strategic level.

Included are various tools for improving thinking with tools, or enhancing skills through knowledge exchange and mentoring, including reverse mentoring (younger to older).
1-3 days – up to 20 hours

  • Think Again! Think Critically - Then Decide Carefully!
  • Change Management: Strategies Acting/Coping for Complex, High Impact Change
  • Strategic Planning Cycles and Implementation: Five Rs - Results, Rules, Rituals, Roles, & Recognition of Progress
  • Succession Management: Transferring Critical Knowledge

Sustaining Environments for Success:
Communications, Teamwork, & Healthy Cultures

Given diversity and virtual teamwork across a global environment, course offerings in this series examine ways to refresh communication skills, accelerate desired change, and to promote high skills in collaboration, virtual teams, partnerships, and transition.

  • Customer Service and Conflict Management
  • Improving Communication: Connecting, Understanding, and Collaboration
  • Launching Strategic Plans Across Project Teams (HELM8)
  • Sustaining High Performance Teams
  • On-boarding Diverse Staff into your Culture: Tips and Traps
  • Mentoring: The Mentor Two - Way Relationship
  • Launching Great Collaborations and Partnerships: The Good, Bad, and Ugly!
  • Sustaining a Culture of Generational Harmony

Learn to Facilitate Better Meetings or Project Working Sessions

Workforce Development Courses:
Remain a Key Player!

Described in my book on career strategies and career killers this series provides for maximum promotability.

  • Presenting Your Ideas for Maximum Impact and Influence
  • Building and Sustaining Emotional Intelligence in Challenging Situation
  • Making Change Work for You! Harvesting Opportunities for Advancement or Retirement
  • Refresh Communication Basics: Communicate in Difficult Relationships
  • Key Player Skills: Avoiding Career Killers and Using Power Wisely
  • Choose Your Path: 7 Principles for a Stress-free Life

Other Options
Designed training in topical areas you are seeking for changes you are facing

We will build a program with you for in-house leadership or management development or assist with training strategy and training of facilitators.

Supervisors, Managers Project Leaders

Training for Skill, Coaching for Performance,Mentoring for Career Mobility

Begin or refine your capabilities and confidence with the latest training methods and tools, increase your confidence in presenting, and provides a specific set of skills for transferring knowledge and experience to diverse generations and groups of learning for maximum impact.

Revisit and refine specific programs to make them more cost effective, as well as content creative.

Industries Served

Use the following listing to learn more about the industries:

  • Non-profit/Non-government Entities
    Michele Jackman's focus is on helping boards and staffs align resources and learn critical lessons to accomplish their mission and to promote quality programs and services and ensure collaborative relationships. Examples of Previous Clients

  • Government
    Michele Jackman’s projects have included revitalization programs, communications courses, project management, motivational seminars, conference keynotes, and endnotes to hundreds of governmental audiences at all levels with many repeat engagements. Examples of Previous Clients

  • Business & Finance
    A common myth is that a board of directors understands budgets, dashboards, and scorecards. In addition to taking UCSB courses Understanding the Numbers and Foundations of HR, directors should have a complete review of critical financial documents and develop an understanding for what the numbers are really telling them.

    Michele Jackman has years of experience assisting all kinds of organizations with maximizing their resources and ensuring their profitability and image, especially in the start-up or growth phase. Examples of Previous Clients

  • Health Care & Public Education
    Michele Jackman has years of experience in assisting professionals to design, test, and launch innovative programs that result in high levels of competency and accountability. Examples of Previous Clients

  • Science & Technology
    Michele Jackman has years of experience assisting all kinds of organizations with maximizing their resources and ensuring their profitability and image. Examples of Previous Clients

  • OWLWorks
    Generations at Work: Integrating and Training a Multi-Generational Workforce & Strategies
    • 40-55—Life Planning and Balance: Building Healthy Relationships with Aging Family Members
    • 55-75—Refresh: “Lightening the Load” | Preparing for a Great Retirement and Fulfilling Life
    • 75-85—Staying Well and Developing Resilience
    • 85-115—Managing Health Care and Your Rights


Each industry listed above encompasses one or more of the participant-based groups listed below:

  • Service Delivery Providers
  • Leadership
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Change Management Projects
  • Corporate or Public University Programs
  • Working with Generations

Catalog of Courses